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Youtube Journey Begins

Hussain Mansoor Hussain Mansoor Follow Dec 01, 2020 · 1 min read
Youtube Journey Begins
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In the year 2020 when many things were “unprecedented”, towards the end of the year I planned to do something which I always wanted to! I want to share my tacit understanding of technology and share it with the world. There are gazillion options out there to learn Cloud Computing for e.g.: A Cloud Guru, Linux Academy, Udemy, Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, Cloud Documentation Pages, YouTube, Twitch, etc, etc.

But all these channels are either paid, targeting a niche, require some prior knowledge of platform, or force us to read dozens of pages before anyting makes sense. I want to share my experiences in the cloud space and make it so easy for the learner that no prior knowledge is required for videos on fundamental topics. Instead of explaining what cloud services can do, it is much stickier concept if I actually make something and show the users.

To achieve my goal of making cloud easy to understand, I started a YouTube channel All about Cloud. I plan to clear some misconceptions about cloud and want to create open-source projects which anyone can use in their products. Do checkout the channel and share any topics or ideas you have which I should cover.

Hussain Mansoor
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