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What's in it for me?

Hussain Mansoor Hussain Mansoor Follow Nov 08, 2022 · 1 min read
What's in it for me?
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Why people join meet-ups, tech communities & guilds? Why invest their personal time and attend or speak in events for free? Even conduct tech workshops where they have to make sure attendees do the learning by doing and grow.

This is a big undertaking and not an easy one! In community events no-one gets paid it’s all by the people for the people. I’m involved in organising AWS User Group Dubai Meetups and doing it “consistently” for past many months. But why?!

For me, there are 2 simple reasons

1 - At every stage of my career, someone was there to show me how to do it right. I was a mobile application developer and from there transformed my career into cloud. Number of people helped me achieve this goal. It’s a debt, time to pass it on!

2 - When everyone is growing then the overall culture of growth and right mindset kicks in. Have to create a snowball effect where right discussions happen, skills are valued and people thrive.

To achieve this, I’m going to conduct a workshop on “Serverless Architecture for Beginners” @ Murdoch University Dubai on 10th of November 2022. And I will continuously organise events where everyone at every level of their career can participate and have an impact.

Hussain Mansoor
Written by Hussain Mansoor Follow
Certified AWS Architect & Developer with MS in Software Engineering. Working on Cloud & Agile for more than 10 years.